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Introducing the Rich Habits Podcast — a financial literacy podcast for anyone ready to take back control of their money by implementing new habits. Join Robert Croak and Austin Hankwitz every Monday as they demystify the financial habits of the rich, share their own mistakes and shortcomings, and lay out the blueprint for you to succeed with money. 

Robert Croak is a serial entrepreneur with more than $200M in company exits under his belt. As famously known as the guy who founded the $100M company, Sillybandz, Robert is now an avid investor in restaurants real estate, equities, and small businesses. At 52 years old, he brings more than three decades of business acumen he's eager to share with you. 

Austin Hankwitz is a 26-year-old living in Nashville, TN. He quit his corporate finance job during the pandemic to pursue content creation full-time. Austin has been recognized as one of the “leading voices for common sense and investing on social media” by CNBC, and has been featured on Bloomberg, NYTimes, and Business Insider. His mission is simple: bring as many people as possible into the “investor” class by teaching them the power of ownership and compound interest. He's also the Co-Host of Quickbooks & iHeartMedia's Plans to Prosperity Podcast alongside award winning podcast host Jannese Torres. 

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