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Making Money More Approachable

Join Robert Croak and Austin Hankwitz every Monday and Thursday as they demystify the financial habits of the rich, share their own mistakes and shortcomings, and lay out the blueprint for you to succeed with money.


Robert is a decamillionaire with 30+ years of business experience and $200M+ of company exits under his belt, while Austin is an entrepreneur in his 20s eager to learn.

What To Expect

Robert Croak and Austin Hankwitz are the unlikely duo behind the mics — sharing a passion for personal finance and entrepreneurship. Every episode of the Rich Habits Podcast is an opportunity to hear…

Our Biggest Wins

Learn where we’ve seen our success.

Our Biggest Losses

How we’ve learned from our failures.

Money Thoughts

Stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, taxes, crypto... you name it. We love to talk about how we approach the markets.

Industry Trends

Breaking down secular growth trends we’re trying to learn more about.

World-Class Interviews

Business execs, start-up founders, BlackRock leadership, Shark Tank hosts & more.

Q & A

We answer questions in every single episode!

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